A Little Pie in the Face

In one of my #PLN’s this week, the challenge was to blog about the best thing I saw in a classroom this week.   I couldn’t name just one, so I am blogging about several.  In a building with 50+ classrooms, it is a challenge to see all the amazing things taking place with my own eyes.  Thanks to other staff members and social media, I feel more in the know than ever. Here are just a few things that happened this week that will leave lasting memories for our students and staff at Matzke Elementary!

Pie in the Face!  3rd grade Science has an upcoming district test and they have been reviewing all week.  We have some dedicated (and fun) teachers in 3rd grade Science, they will do anything to engage their students. The teachers challenged the students for every question answered correctly they would go head to head in Pie in the Face.  Needless to say, they went through a lot of Reddi Whip!  A day the students won’t forget!

Third grade Science teachers’ also had a “flashback through the times” for the Science review and came dressed from their favorite decade. 3rdsci

I walked into a 2nd grade classroom with the lights out. They were partner reading with a flashlight.  Every student was engaged, listening to their partner or doing the reading to their partner while the teacher was rotating students out in small groups. Who wouldn’t want to read on the floor with a friend holding a flashlight?flashlightrdg

We had students using technology to research animals.  Students working with a Math consultant to build number lines. Students attending Nature Trails where they rotated through stations with skulls and tried to lift their teacher.   A bonus was eating lunch in the great outdoors with one of our Instructional Coaches and a 5th grade teacher. (No they didn’t eat the turtle, this picture was too good not to post.)

This morning our PE teachers held their weekly Fuel Up to Play 60 Boot Camp and had students invite staff.  I was fortunate enough to receive an invite from a 4th grader.  Sprints, lunges, squats, skipping, burpees and more had us sweating and laughing.  What a great workout and time with our students.  I loved seeing the variety of staff that participated and I’m sure they will be sore tomorrow.


These pictures display a handful of amazing things that take place on campuses across our nation every day.  I wouldn’t trade my “job” for any other and I am thankful that I get to witness greatness taking place every day.

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