Dear Children of America

american flagDear Children of America, I am sorry.

I am sorry the adults in this country have let you down.

I am sorry that mass school shootings are commonplace for you. [I remember exactly where I was, what I was wearing and how I felt when the news of Columbine was shared.] I don’t think you can even remember the name of the towns where the last 2 school shootings occurred.

I am sorry that Active Shooter drills are something you have to practice multiple times a year.

I am sorry that we have allowed the glorification of violence, criminal life and video games where you score points for robbing, raping and killing.

I am sorry that we have allowed entitlement and self-absorption to rule.

I am sorry that we have allowed technology to babysit you.

I am sorry that standardized tests, GPAs and top 10% have become more important than your social-emotional development.

I am sorry that we were lackadaisical in our voting attendance and have allowed politicians to be elected who don’t have the well-being of this country as their #1 priority. Instead, we have allowed politicians to be elected by lobbyists with their own agendas, who line their political pockets with money.

I am sorry that people in powerful positions have allowed monsters to take advantage of our young people and rob their innocence.

I am sorry that we have allowed companies to make you their target audience which exposed you to information far beyond your ability to comprehend.

I am sorry that we shelter some of our young people while others deal with situations in their 5, 6, 7, 8 years of life that I, as a 41-year-old, have never dealt with.

We have failed you but please know there are adults who are fighting for you, trying to right the wrongs and make a difference.

You are better than what our society has become.

One thought on “Dear Children of America

  1. When I saw and heard young Ella Gonzalez speak, it was powerful. Her generation will stop the madness. So ashamed of my generation.


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